Great smoky mountains national park in North Carolina - Top 5 most beautiful pictures

The great smoky mountains is a national park on the Tennessee - North Carolina border. It's a national park since 1934. The name is commonly shortened to Smokies. The park gets over 9 million visitors a year.

"Smoky" comes from the natural fog that hangs over the park and can be seen from a long distance. The great smokies is part of an international biosphere reserve. The range is estimated at 187,000 acres (About 76,000 ha). It's among the most diverse ecosystems in whole North America. The park is also known for it black bear population and the most diverse salamander population in the United States.

The black bear has become a symbol to the great smoky mountains national park. They therefore appear on covers of literature about the national park. The bears weigh between 100 pounds (45kg) upto a massive 500 pounds (230kg).

Below a selection of top 5 most beautiful pictures made in the great smoky mountains national park.

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Andrea Zee
on December 16, 2014 at 8:42 AM  

How am I able to get an HD copy of 2 of these pics. Any idea?

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