The 6 Most Beautiful Tropical Island Vacation Destinations

It's everyones wish, going to a tropical island. But where to go? Well maybe will this post help you pick a beautiful vacation destination. Or just enjoy the pictures and keep on dreaming!

1. Galapagos Island
The South American Galapagos Island is well loved by those interested in nature and botany. The group of islands is home to more than a dozen islands, and hundreds of amazing animal species, including iguana, hawks, penguins, sea lions, and turtles. The islands are protected as a national park so please take care and treasure one of the most amazing gifts nature has given the planet.

2. Bali

Located in the Asian Pacific, the island of Bali is an exotic oriental destination in Indonesia. It is here that you will find yourself immersed in authentic Indonesian culture, dance, and food. The level of customer service on the island of Bali is astounding and you’ll never feel out of place as the locals bend over backward to help you get acclimatised to the atmosphere.

3. Jamaica

The island is affordable for anyone as you can choose to camp or stay in a lavish hotel. Spend some time on the beach, experience true Reggae, party with the locals, or hike the Blue Mountains. There’s something for everyone in Jamaica.

4. Bora Bora

Now known as a hot destination for tourists, residents of Bora Bora are dedicated to exposing visitors to authentic Polynesian culture. It’s your choice – stay in a beautiful hotel or camp in the great outdoors. Go fishing in the tropical waters or spend the day sunbathing on a sandy beach!

5. Aruba

Everyone will enjoy Aruba, the beautiful white beaches, blue waters, relaxed fishing trips, or adventurous water sports. The island is home to some of nature’s most beautiful art projects – explore the landscape and enjoy.

6. The Seychelles

Situated in the Indian Ocean is a cluster of 115 islands known as The Seychelles. The islands are old, but are largely undeveloped, making them a perfect destination for someone who wants to visit an island (or group of islands!) that hasn’t been taken over by commercial resorts. Relax on the white beaches under a shady palm tree, or explore the marine life by taking a dive in the coral reefs. Better yet, each of the 115 islands is easily accessible, so you’re free to explore

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Vera Mihailovich
on June 9, 2015 at 12:59 AM  

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Snowcoast Boards
on March 4, 2017 at 3:19 PM  

You should include Maui Hawaii too! Thanks for sharing!
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