Pig&Donkey, new Amsterdam based brand

Today we will tell you something about the newest fashion brand based in Amsterdam. It's called Pig&Donkey.
It launched five beautiful products which include a snapback, beanie, sweater and two shirts. Because the site is still in beta all products are available at a reduced price. So be quick!
The ship worldwide.

The brand focus on men and women. Especially the festival lovers out there. You will really stand out with the beautiful outfits from Pig&Donkey.

Oh and don't forget to like Pig&Donkey on Facebook!

RoadStreet, Alberta, Canada

RoadStreet, Alberta, Canada

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Minimalistic bokeh nature photography - 5 beautiful examples

There are a lot of different photography styles. One special one is the minimalistic photography or bokeh. This type of photography tells a story in a whole other way. Only the important things are shown on the picture. Below a collection of 5 beautiful examples.

5 incredible beautiful beaches around the world

There are a lot of beautiful beaches around the world. In this post we will highlight 5 beautiful beaches which you have to visit one day. The pictures itself are just art. Grab your bags and book a flight to one of these destinations.

Australia beach

Florida keys



Zakynthos, Greece



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12 breathtaking places in the world - watch and get amazed

The world is a beautiful mystical place. You think you've seen it all but there are so many undiscovered parts on this world. We collected some pictures which will literally take your breath away!

Mystical forest, The Netherlands

Taj Mahal, India

Four Seasons, Thailand.

Four Seasons, Thailand.

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